Lex Luthor T-Shirt transfer

Here’s a t-shirt of Superman’s arch enemy Lex Luthor. Not many t-shirts out there with Lex Luthor on them.

Superman Neon T-Shirt

Here’s a cool Superman T-Shirt that I found on ebay. The S-Shield logo design looks like a neon sign. I’m actually thinking about buying it.

This looks like a job for “Super Neon”!!!

What the heck is the black stuff????

Here’s a really weird Superman t-shirt.

I don’t know why the designers of this shirt thought that dripping oil off the Superman’s S-Shield was a good idea. Is it supposed to be the grease from Superman’s hair? If this was the Spider-man logo I could understand it.
Am I missing something here?
Does anyone know what this is?

Showing the new Man of Steel posters at Comic Con

Director Zack Snyder and new Superman actor Henry Cavill showed off a teaser trailer for the upcoming Man of Steel movie at Comic Con. Both were tight on details of the upcoming 2013 film, but did remind people that this film will not pick up where past ones left off.

Snyder said, “They are reinventing the franchise”. (After the last Superman movie, I don’t blame them)

“Superman needs to be reintroduced to a generation,” Snyder said.

“When we started working on the movie, we knew the comic book character existed, we knew the movies existed, but we had to act as if no film had been made.”

That means no John Williams score and no references to Christopher Reeve.

One major incentive to a new and improved Superman is it would allow Warner Bros. to make an “Avengers”-like super movie with the JLA.

Man of Steel teaser trailer (click here to watch)

If there was one thing Snyder did admit, it was that this film would try to humanize the hero.

“The big challenge is if you can make people feel ’what would you do if you were Superman,’” Snyder said. “How would you feel? In the past, he’s been a big blue boy scout on a throne.”

It looks like the Man of Steel film is going in the right direction, but I still think the costume looks too rubbery and looks weird without the red underwear.

There's a lot going on with this Superman t-shirt.

Here’s another Superman t-shirt from the 70′s. There’s a lot going on with this Superman t-shirt from 1978.
Cram possible image and word about Superman into one t-shirt!

A telephone booth is a thing of the past

Here’s a vintage Superman t-shirt from 1978 of the classic phone booth Clark Kent changing into Superman tranformation.

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